Who We Are


Founded in December of 2016 by Cat and Nick Chupein, True Habitat is a construction, design, and property management company located in Baltimore, Maryland. We are committed to a personal, honest, and authentic approach with all of our tenants, clients, and vendors.

With our young son daughter, we are based in the beautiful Arcadia neighborhood within the burgeoning Lauraville-Hamilton area of of Baltimore.   We love being a part of such an engaged and diverse community of thoughtful and considerate neighbors.

Our motivation lies in creating homes for those, like us, who seek a well-made, reasonably-priced space where they can have a higher quality of life. We seek to improve the livability of neighborhoods and strengthen the communities therein, which we hope results in long-term happy tenants and homeowners.



Our relationship to the surrounding environment is one that necessitates careful consideration. We approach all of our projects with a keen eye to sustainability. We love to salvage what wonderful original details we can, and we use reclaimed, recycled, and eco-friendly materials whenever possible. Our landscaping leans towards native non-invasive species.



A rehab project can be daunting. There are infinite choices about scope and style. Our objective is to stay true to the essential nature of the space, incorporating the outstanding original details and enhancing it with clean, modern design. We tend to use functional, easy-to-maintain, and timeless materials that last and age well in order to create a warm and inviting place to call home.

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